Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taylor turned 5

Here is a photo slideshow of my adventure to Disneyland and back with my mommy, daddy, Granny and good friend Maclaren.  I had the best time ever.  I met so many princesses and Maclaren and I got to wear princess dresses every day we were there.  We looked so cute that lots of people stopped us and asked if they could have their pictures taken with us.On Tuesday May 4th I went down to my local elementary school to take my kindergarden assessment which I passes with flying colors. I am so excited to start kindergarden this fall.

After my assessment, and mommy found her wallet, we hit the road for Las Vegas.  Can you believe there is a hotel that has a permanent circus tent, amusement park and TWO pools.  It was amazing.  Around 4:30 we arrived to Circus Circus in time to catch a trapeze act and run around like crazy kids in the casino.  I don't know why you have to be 21 to play all the sparkling musical flashing games.  They sure look fun.
Wednesday morning, the day before I turned 5, we woke up bright and early and got on the road heading for California.  It was a beautiful drive.  We saw lots of Joshua Trees and desert flowers and the mountain off in the distance even had snow on them.
We got to the hotel around 3 and after we unpacked granny headed to the grocery store and Maclaren and I went to the pool.  It was so much fun.  I wished I had brought swimmies with me, but it was ok because I knew granny would find some at the store and bring them to me.  Maclaren already knew how to swim so she didn't need any floaties, but she had fun with them once we had them.
Thursday morning we woke up early (5:30am) and had to wait for the breakfast buffet to open at 6:30.  What can I say, I was just so excited to see Disneyland.  After what felt like forever waiting we went down and had a great breakfast of waffles, cereal, toast and fruit.  After breakfast mommy got Maclaren and I ready and we all headed out for Disneyland.
Driving up to Disneyland was amazing.  There were beautiful flowers in so many different colors lining the road to where the shuttle dropped us off.  We entered the park and headed left to California Adventure.  The first ride we went on was Soaring California.  We sat in seats that were connected to the ceiling and my little feet dangled in the air.  When the ride started the seats all swooped up and closer to the giant screen.  We virtually flew all over California from the Golden Gate bridge to San Diego.  It was really amazing when we flew over an orange orchard we could actually smell the oranges.
Next we headed towards Ariel's Grotto where I was FINALLY going to meet some princesses.  Of course we stopped on the way to have our pictures taken with Minnie and Mickey.  We also stopped to ride on Mickey's Ferris wheel which was so much fun.  The cars swing back and forth like crazy and my mom got a little scared. Maclaren and I just laughed.  After we got off the Ferris wheel we saw my friend Bode with his sister Zoe and their parents.  We played together for a bit then it was time for lunch with REAL princesses at Ariel's Grotto. We glanced at the princess dresses on our way in and mommy and granny told us to be thinking about which princess dress we would like to get after lunch.  It was AMAZING. As soon as we went down the stairs Ariel was right there.  She was so beautiful and so nice. She said she will be my friend forever.  After we had our pictures taken with Princess Ariel we sat down, which was kinda boring.  I think some grown-ups brought up food, but I wanted more princess time.  Then out came Mulan, Snow White, Belle and Ariel again. They all came to our table one at a time and talked to us.  We got to have our pictures taken with all the princesses after they told us how cute we were and that we would be friends forever.  I even invited them to my house for dinner.  They said maybe.
After lunch we rode rides, ate cotton candy and saw so many exciting and fun things it was unbelievable.  Around 5:30 we finally headed back to the hotel, but not to rest, to go to the pool.  We played and played in the pool until it was finally time for dinner and bed.
May 7th 2010. Maclaren and I woke up around 6:30 in the morning and we woke granny, mommy and daddy up.  I got to open lots of presents and even let Maclaren help me with a few.  I got three barbie princesses, things for the pool, a crown, and some other stuff that I threw over my shoulder as soon as I opened them.  After presents we went to breakfast and I decided that since it was my birthday we would go swimming before we went to Disneyland.  After swimming mom let Maclaren and I have birthday cupcakes and she put our hair in cute braids. We got back in our new princess dresses and were off to Disneyland.  More rides, cotton candy, princesses, castles, characters, and fun fun fun.  Disneyland is so much fun.
After day two of Disneyland I wanted to go back to the hotel and have another birthday swim. So we did.  We went swimming and Maclaren taught me how to swim under water.  Now I am that much closer to learning how to swim.
After the pool we had a yummy dinner and watched a movie and fell asleep after the best birthday ever.
The next morning we decide to skip Disneyland and goto the beach instead.  We packed lunch and snacks in a cooler and headed for Balboa Beach in Newport Beach California. It was so funny when granny drove the car right onto a boat and we floated across the water on a ferry.  When we got to the beach it was awesome.  There was a playground, a lifeguard stand, the beach and the ocean and I played on all of them.  For a long time we played and played and played.  When we were over the beach we showered off, got into our princess dresses and headed to the end of Balboa Pier for a milkshake.  Mmmmm. Yummy.
After the beach we headed back to the hotel, and, you guessed it, the pool.  Once again we swam until the sun went down and we got cold. Then dinner bath and bed.
Then next morning we woke up and sadly packed up getting ready to leave sunny southern California, Disneyland, my pool and the beach. But first Maclaren and I took mommy and granny downstairs for Mother's Day breakfast.  Maclaren called her mom to wish her a happy Mother's Day.
We loaded up in the car and two viewings of Scooby Dooby Doo solves another mystery and we were back at Circus Circus.  Daddy took us down to the Adventure Dome while Granny and Mommy got ready for dinner.  We went to a restaurant where we couldn't run around, had to be quiet and they didn't even have chicken nuggets.  But the adults really liked it and it was Mother's Day so Maclaren and I decided to be good princesses.  After dinner it was back to the hotel for night night.
The next morning we woke up, packed up, had breakfast and hit the road.  Our adventure was coming to an end.  It was a great birthday adventure and I will never forget my 5th birthday.

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