Friday, November 12, 2010

Taylor gets yellow paint

Yellow Paint
October 26, 2010
During the last days of warm weather before the late October snow storm Taylor
and Maclaren slopped several layers of newspaper strips dipped in flour glue
over balloon molds to form paper mache pumpkins. After the paper mache dried the
girls covered their creations with a final layer of orange paper and set them
outside to dry.  The paper pumpkins had to be rescued from an unexpected
rainstorm, but were saved by a warm oven.
Today Taylor had been asking her daddy if she could have some yellow paint to
finish her paper mache pumpkin.  Papa asked Taylor if she would like to go with
him to Home Depot to buy hardware that would automatically close the door at the
top of the living room steps.  At first she declined, but when asked if perhaps
she would like to look for yellow paint there, she ran out the door toward the
car ready to go to Home Depot. 

The first stop was at the hinge section where Taylor examined many of the
offerings asking if each might be what Papa was looking for.  There were some
spring loaded hinges, but none were the right size.  So Papa asked Taylor if we
should check out the paint section and look for yellow paint.  Off we went.
Taylor excitedly pointed out numerous containers with any hint of yellow on the
label, asking if yellow paint was inside.  We took two loops through the entire
paint department and the only yellow paint Papa located was in a spray can
designed to mark pavement for things like underground lines.  The search for
yellow paint was abandoned, so Papa and Taylor were headed back to the door
hardware section where Taylor asked if she could ask where she could find yellow
paint.  Papa saw no likely person but told Taylor, “Of course you may ask.”  We
continued back toward the isle with hinges. 

Back among the hinges and latches Taylor looked up at a man restocking a shelf.
He turned and asked, “Could I help you find something?”
Taylor responded, “I need yellow paint, please.”
“Well, follow me.  I think the paint department can help you.”
In the paint department the man from door hardware introduced Taylor to a man
behind the counter in the paint department, and said to Taylor, “I think he can
help you.”
As the paint man looked down toward Taylor she told him, “I need yellow paint,
“What kind of yellow paint do you want?”
“Bright yellow
“Well, look at the color samples on the wall behind you and see what kind of
yellow paint you like.”
After studying the dozens of paint samples Taylor pointed to one and announced,
“I like that one.”
“Would you like it in glossy or matt?”
“I like shiny.”
“OK, I can make that for you.”
As the paint man searched for a little can of glossy paint, Taylor looked up and
asked, “Do you have any brushes my size?”
“Yes, look on the wall over there.”
We went looking for brushes as the paint man worked on Taylor’s yellow paint
Taylor found a brush to her liking and returned to wait patiently while the
paint man mixed up her yellow paint.   After vigorously shaking the little can
of yellow paint, he handed it to his little customer who thanked the man, and
proudly marched away with paint can in one hand and her little brush in the

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