Monday, April 26, 2010

1st Sleepovers

Taylor was not even 5 years old when she had her first sleepover. Her very best good friend Maclaren slept over on a Tuesday and the following Saturday Taylor spent her first night away from home without mommy or daddy, at Maclaren’s. She had a GREAT time. Her mommy, however, was a miserable wreck the entire night and next day until she came home. She did great at both sleepovers. She and her friend went to bed without a fight and slept all through the night. Reports from her night away from home were positive as well. She was polite, ate what she was served and was asleep by 8pm. Her mom secretly hoped for a call in the middle of the night explaining that Taylor NEEDED her and could she please come get her right away. She is growing up so fast!!

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