Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meet ATF

Hi. My name is Augusta Taylor Frey, but you can call me Taylor. I am four years old and I live and play in Park City, Utah. This is a blog of my adventures. My mom is going to author my blog because, well, I am only four years old currently and can't really read and write yet.  Posts will be about all the crazy and adventurous things I do, of which there are plenty.  I started riding horses before I could walk.  Before I turned 5 I skied down from every lift at the canyons, including 9990, which is an experts only lift.  I started riding passenger on dirt bikes when I was three years old, and would have done it earlier but my parents didn’t own them until I was three.  Slackers.  I have a swing in my living room that I like to learn and perform tricks on.  It hangs from about 20 feet and I can really scare my mom when I climb up the swing, while swinging, and then flip upside down.  Since we live on about 5 acres with dogs, cats, horses and lots of people there are always chores to be done, and I love helping with chores.  I am an excellent helper.  So not all posts will be all about fun. Sometimes I have serious work to do like mending fences.  So I hope you enjoy my life and antics.  I know my mom will have fun blogging about them. Enjoy ;-)

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