Monday, April 26, 2010

Mending Fences

One of top rails of the horse fence needed replacing. Taylor and Papa measured a new top rail and that needed to be a small log fifteen feet long. The spare log was hard to drag to the fence, push over the fence and drag it across the paddock to where the fence needed fixing. Papa let Taylor carry the hatchet from the tool room while he carried the handsaw and the cordless drill. The old top rail was attached by two big spikes. They had to saw through the old rail next to the spikes to remove it. Sawing was hard but with Taylor holding the handle and Papa guiding the saw the old log was cut through at both ends. Taylor pounded the small stubs to split them away from the spikes. The new rail was lifted in place next to the spikes still in the cross pieces of the fence. We drilled a hole in the new rail so it could be dropped over the spike. Now the other end of the rail needed a hole to hold the spike. Taylor's little hand just barely fits around the drill handle and her fingers just reach the trigger. But she finally drilled through the second hole. The hole was just right and the new rail fit over the spike. Now the horses will not get through the fence at the old broken place. Taylor carried the hatchet back to the tool room while Papa carried the drill and handsaw. What a great little helper she Taylor is.

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